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Health Care Billing & Management

Physician – Chiropractic – CRNs – EMS – Ambulance

Family Owned, Publicly Dedicated, Nationally Accredited


Physician billing and management. To expensive and distracting for your own complete billing department- let us do the work for you. Large billing department that can’t match our collections rate of 90 – 98% then let us train or run a portion for you.

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Chiropractic billing and management. Let us do all or some of your billing, coding, and staff training. With 30+ years experience owning and running offices we are sure to help and increase your claim rate and accuracy. A premier medical billing company in the Midwest.

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Nurse Practitioners

We are the perfect medical billing company for the CNP’s that have their own business and just don’t want the hassle of coding, sending, and collecting the bills. Our collections rate is to high not to have us do it for you.

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Did the patient walk, lay, or need assistance to get in the ambulance or transport? As you may or not be aware of these simple questions are the difference in hundreds of dollars collected if any at all. Let our 30+ years of medical billing get you all that you deserve.

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Health and Medical Services

We have expertise in multiple management services as in Accounts Payable, Payroll, Provider Credentials, Provider Enrollment, Seminars, and Staff Training.

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Accounts Payable

We provide financial services that can relieve you of the tedious and stressful task of paying monthly bills and cataloging accounts.


You and your staff need paid and we can do that too. We can do it all from generating the payroll on your schedule to sending in the taxes.

Provider Enrollment

Just some of the enrollments we can help you navigate through are: Medicare, Medicaid, HMO’s, PPO’s, Private Insurance, Hospitals, Ambulance and Pharmacy Boards.

Staff Training

This is one of our biggest benefits from our years of experience. We will provide clinics and manuals to your staff in such fields as: Office rules and policy, verifying insurance and benefits and understanding the rules of managed care.