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About Us

What makes us different.

Family Owned, Publicly Dedicated, Nationally Accredited

DGP Health Services has been billing for Healthcare providers, Chiropractic, Ambulance and EMS providers since 1978, and has over 30 years of experience in owning and operating multiple health care clinics. We attend many Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance seminars each year, as well as many specialty provider organizations such as the Ohio Ambulance Medical Transportation Assoc., Ohio State Medical Assoc, Ohio State Chiropractic Assoc. etc. We also attend OSHA, BWC, Collections seminars, coding, office management and HIPAA seminars as new information becomes available.

DGP Health Services takes pride in achieving collection rates of 89-99% for our clients, with the highest dollar reimbursement per charge possible for each specialty. DGP Health has no monthly fees, minimum fees and in many arrangements no set up fees. We earn our fee when the provider is paid by accessing a simple percentage on each dollar collected.


DGP Health Services tailors it’s services to the providers needs with minimum disruption to the on-site staff. We strive to offer first rate customer service to both our provider’s and to their valuable patient base. It is our goal to aggressively collect each dollar owed your practice while retaining your good will and relationship with your patients.

DGP Health Services offers a wide range of options for collecting and storing billing data for our clients. We can even provide real time computer links between offices to allow providers to monitor and access their client files. While we maintain up to date electronic billing and data management, we can still easily accommodate those providers still working with simple paper files and record keeping.

DGP Health Services can provide all necessary services for a provider in running and setting up a modern practice, as well as assisting in start up EMS and Ambulance practices . We also provide services assisting in the daily management of the business, such as payroll and human resource functions, insurance credentialing, accounts payable, banking, seminars, staff training, office procedure and manuals, advertising and mailings.